Enotre extra virgin olive oil comes from the southern Italian region of Calabria, at the foot of the Sila Crotonese mountain.

Here Enotre’s agricultural enterprise continues the oil production of the Pollizzi family, taking over its tradition and passion for olive cultivation. Obtained by the Carolea variety, Enotre has a medium fruity flavour and a low acidity due both to the type of cultivar and to the altitude at which it is produced. Following the most modern methods of pressing, the oil is extracted respecting the environment and without chemicals.

The result is a savour but delicate olive oil, with a very low acidity and a fruity taste which enhances the flavour of any dish, without covering it. Enotre fruttato delicato delicately combines the authenticity and the taste of an extra virgin olive oil, modern agronomic techniques together with the passion of the tradition for oil production.


The term Carolea indicates a typical cultivar* of the Calabria region.

The Carolea olive requires a certain level of agronomic care but at the same time it easily adapts to different environmental conditions, especially those of the southern parts of Italy. Olive oils extracted from this cultivar are characterized by a medium level of fruitiness, a medium-light grade of bitter and pungent, with flavour notes of fresh grass, artichoke leaf, tomato and almond. Enotre’s olive groves are about 650-700 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Sila Crotonese mountains. The cultivation is set in a pristine environment, particularly valuable for its biodiversity. The altitude affects the quality of the cultivation for several reasons. Firstly, it deals with the olive ripening and its shelf life: it gradually delays the stages of ripening allowing a good maintenance of the fruit. Secondly, the altitude ensures better ventilation, minimizing the parasitic attacks such as that of the fly –a real plague for crops subjected to high humidity.

*The term cultivar is a contraction of the English expression cultivated variety, which comes from the Latin varietas culta. In agronomy, the term refers to a variety of cultivated plant. From a practical point of view, the cultivar is analogous to the race of an animal species made by domestication and selection.


There is no ideal stage at which to harvest the olives. When deciding to, the producer has to balance environmental factors (altitude, sun exposition and latitude of the groves) as well as other specific olive factors as shelf life (greatest in less ripe fruits), yield and flavour

Hence, the harvest is one of the most important moments in the cycle of oil production. The traditional method of olive picking involves combing the ripe fruit from the tree into nets, or hand picking into baskets tied around the waist. Mechanical pickers have in most places replaced hand combing the olives from the tree by using a long handled vibrating tongs to remove the olives from the branches. The olives are then collected in nets which have to be spread underneath the trees by hand. At the foot of the Sila crotonese mountain, the rough and steep terrain makes the harvest slow and laborious, punctuated by the terracing of the hills. Another essential step to get a pure and fragrant oil is the method of storage of the olives: right after the harvest, olives are placed in special ventilated boxes away from the heat. Finally, olive crushing occurs within just 18-24 hours after the harvest. This proximity ensures that the olives do not ferment in anaerobic way, giving rise to the formation of “aliphatic alcohols” which would produce substantial defects in the oil such as the “heating” and “mold”. For the harvest, Enotre’s enterprise relies on the expertise of Carmine Iannone, a well-known agronomist of the region.


My City Kitchen
Collaboration with My City Kitchen
Enotre is very proud to collaborate with My City Kitchen (MCK), a non-profit organization based in Meriden, Connectictut, USA. MCK was founded by chef Kashia Diaz Cave in 2009 and has become a reference point in the Meriden community.

The aim of our partnership is to extend the knowledge about healthy food, which is essentially based on the knowledge of food’s provenience. Here at Enotre we can make sure that the customer is given one of the best product in the market – and we are working to make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil readily available in the american market. Enotre oil will be sold exclusively through MCK Gourmet café in Shelton, CT.