Spreading the delight of Enotre extra-virgin olive oil is the dream of Pietro Pollizzi. He aims at turning his family small olive oil production into an international company selling one of the best olive oil the world, as certified by the many international awards Enotre won.


Pietro Pollizzi was born in the south of Italy, in Calabria: ten years ago he chose to revive his olive grove in Mesoraca, Calabria, abandoned since the death of his father. He’s building Enotre since then, with the help of many people. Two friends of his, Michele d’Alessandro and Marco Veranda who are at his side, his mother Eva Longo, and his partner Eva Squarzon.


Producing top-level extra virgin olive oil is the mission of Enotre. The olive grove is like a family to Pietro Pollizzi. When he works there, absorbed in its peace, he finds the correct rhythm of a life governed by nature, which is at the same time sweet and merciless. The tough days of harvest are the ones full of hard work: from five in the morning until evening, maybe under the rain, nets need to be carefully spread under each tree, the olives are removed by hitting the fronds of the trees, and when all the olives have fallen it is necessary to place them in cases that need to be brought up to a very steep hill and then as soon as possible to the pressing machine, maximum 4-8 hours after having being picked from the trees.


Pietro Pollizzi aims at convincing each single customer that the extra virgin olive oil Enotre produces is one of the best in the world, as proved by the sequence of awards that Enotre won in the years, last but not least the gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition of 2019. He hopes that every single customer will be satisfied with the extra virgin olive oil Enotre, and we also hope to come to meet you soon!


Pietro Polizzi

Membro dal 2012
Il fondatore di Enotre

Michele d'Alessandro

Membro dal 2012
La prima persona a credere nel progetto di Pietro Pollizzi, al suo fianco fin dall’inizio.


Membro dal 2012
Si occupa del sito enotre.it dal 2012.

Kashia Diaz

Membro dal 2014
Direttrice di Enotre per il Nord America dal 2014.

Hirono Konishi

Membro dal 2019
Lavora con Enotre per promuovere il nostro olio in Giappone.


Membro dal 2015